Product Devlopment & Prototyping

The first step for any product is developing the product specifications, features, target costs and production requirements. 

The next step is to develop a prototype and refining initial specifications and requirements while aligning features and functions to meet costs and client requirements. 

The final step is moving from prototype to scalable production as quickly, confidently and efficently as possible. 

Kyosay addresses questions such as -  How should my product be made?  What are the best manufacturing processes? What materials should I use? What safety and regulatory standards apply? How do I ensure the quality of my product without being on the factory floor every day? How do I select a manufacturer?  What will be the timeline required to move my product to market?

Kyosay has a proven product development process to help guide companies and entrepreneurs from the 'back of the napkin' concepts to delivery of final products to the global market supporting every step of the process.

General Product Development Process