Global sourcing

Consider the progression of global sourcing from domestic acquisition, to globally "cherry picking" SKUs, to global sourcing a category of products to multiple categories sourced from multiple global regions. Across this continuum, there are multiple points of opportunity as well as risk.

The Kyosay approach to global sourcing is designed to define the strategy, build the process, prove the savings and eventually turn the operational responsibility over to our clients.

The expertise of Kyosay Global is to help organizations use resources to their fullest in order to improve bottom-line profitability, increase cash flow and reduce debt. 

The Kyosay global sourcing process is as follows:

  • Identify cost savings opportunities through global sourcing initiatives
  • Develop a comprehensive sourcing plan
  • Confirm the savings
  • Implement the plan
  • Manage the process until the client if ready to directly handle the global sourcing team directly

The Kyosay global sourcing model differs from most other global sourcing in two key perspectives:

  1. Actual product acquisition in which the savings are achieved if from direct purchases from the global supplier directly; and
  2. Negotiation savings with the current supply base armed with knowledge of the global market.

Kyosay's global sourcing model is based on fixed fee sourcing and procurement services with fully transparent customer relationships direct with the production factories and part suppliers.  We do not follow a commission model.  All Net Landed Costs are based on fixed fees based on resources required.

Kyosay finds this model to be the most transparent and lowest cost model available.   After all, these are your customers.  Kyosay is here to held manage the relationship and assure that global sourcing is a win-win for all of the parties involved.