Our Mission

We specialize in navigating the uncertain waters of overseas sourcing. Whether launching a new product, refreshing or adding new products or looking for an OEM manufacturer to cost effectively manufacture an existing product - Kyosay can support your organization. 


Kyosay Global is a Chicago-based sourcing and manufacturing firm established in 2004 by partners with strong executive management, manufacturing and operational backgrounds working for organizations including W.W. Grainger, GE, and Cummins-Allison among others. Beginning with a centralized U.S. presence and one international location, Kyosay Global now represents a global organization with operations, manufacturing, rapid prototyping, engineering services, product assembly, quality assurance and logistics services in North America and Asia. 

Over the past decade, we have worked with primarily small to mid-sized businesses across a broad range of industries – primarily manufacturers, distributors and service providers – to provide a full range of operational, engineering, and manufacturing support previously out of reach for most clients. This work has unleashed significant potential and opportunity for our clients by creating efficiencies, savings, innovation and an immediate edge in both existing and new markets.

Kyosay Global is privileged to be engaged as a partner in business-critical matters that require extensive experience, the trust of our clients and a refined, repeatable, scalable and proven strategy for effective market/product launch, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics services. Matters undertaken by this firm are afforded the direct personal attention of principals having in-depth expertise with respect to our clients’ specific needs.

Our focus

  • Develop, roll out and monitor processes that reflect each industry’s best practices and bench marked performance.
  • Drive savings and increase margins.
  • Accelerate time to market.
  • Reduce vulnerabilities across the value chain
  • Identify and actualize efficiency 
  • Improve ability to nimbly respond to fluctuations in the market
  • Strengthen each client’s competitive advantage
  • Enhance and validate product quality